Unit Outline’s

All About Me Unit Outline

Lesson One


Lesson Two

  • The Best Part of Me
  • Students will each choose their favourite part of themselves and get a picture taken of it.
  • They will do a write up about their favourite part of themselves
  • The best part of me is ——-. I think it is the best part of me because—–.


Lesson Three

Name Fame

  • Students come to the carpet.
  • Ask students: Have you ever wondered where your name came from or why you were named what you were?
  • Tell the students how I got my name.
  • If students don’t know how they got their name, encourage them to go home and ask their parents. (Provide a note to send home for parents to fill in??)
  • Read the poem “everybody has a name”
  • Have each student create an acronym with their names.
  • They have to choose a word or a picture for each letter of their names.


Lesson Four

  • Tell the students: Let’s find out more about our names, like who has the longest or shortest name. Ask: How could we do that? (Accept all reasonable answers.)
  • Explain: We will graph them. Graphs help us communicate information visually or with our eyes. It is an easy way to understand information. (Show a graph from a newspaper or magazine and talk about the meaning).
  • First we have to gather the information.


Lesson Five

Height Ribbons

  • While students are waiting for their ribbons to be cut and tied in a bow, they will cut out the poem and write their names on them. I will give them a paper with the poem and the year, but they will have to cut and colour.


Lesson Six

Eye Colour Pie Graph

Each student will get an eye to colour.

If they don’t know their eye colour they can ask a teacher/friend.

Once they finish colouring their eyes, they will write their names on them and gather at the carpet.

We will make a pie graph on chart paper to compare our eye colours.


Lesson Seven


I will send the students home with a note to send a family picture to school.

I will start the lesson by showing the students a picture by my family.

I will read the students the book “A family is a Family is a Family is a Family.

Then students will glue their family picture onto a piece of construction paper and write or draw something about their family.


Lesson Eight

My Fingerprints Are Unique, Like Me!

  • Students will work with a partner for the first part of the activity. They will get their partner to trace their hand.
  • Then, one at a time they will put their fingerprints onto their hand.
  • Once they are done they will glue them onto a piece of construction paper and write, “My Fingerprints Are Unique, Like Me!”
  • Students will watch a youtube video about fingerprints before completing the activity.


Lesson Nine

“Figure Me Out” Game.

Students will get a list of questions to answer, they will answer the questions and then hand their answers into the teacher.

The teacher will read the facts and after each fact students will take turns trying to guess who the fact sheet belongs to.


Lesson Ten

We All Fit Together

  • Each student gets a puzzle piece to decorate and make their own.
  • Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQYjiSMcVnc – We All Fit Together before completing the activity.
  • When everyone is done they will be put together and posted with a heading “We All Fit Together”.2