Lesson Plans

All About Me Lesson

Outcomes: (What should students know, understand and be able to do as a result of this lesson?)

USC1.5- Explore the association between a healthy sense of “self” and one’s positive connection with others and the environment.

USC2.6- Examine how communities benefit from the diversity of their individual community members.

 Set (10 min)

  • Gather the students in the front of the classroom in the calendar area.
  • Once I have everyone’s attention, I will hold up my elbow and say “so tell me, what do you think of my elbow? I’m asking because I think it is the most amazing elbow I have ever seen. I absolutely love it, I think it is the best part of me!!”
  • After letting the students contemplate for a minute or so, I will say “I am going to make a list of all the reasons I love my elbows, and why I think they are the best part of me.”
  • Say to the students, “although I do love my elbows, all joking aside, I wanted to show you that no matter what you think the best part of you is, it is okay!
  • The classroom is a safe place to talk, share your thoughts, and all about you!
  • Can we take 1 minute or so and turn and chit chat to a partner what you think the best part of you is. Remember to keep it school appropriate!!

Development (15min)

  • Tell students that what I did up on the board was brainstorm the best part of me!
  • Give each student a sheet of lined paper and tell them that their job this period is to brainstorm why their best part of them is the best part!!
  • You will need a pencil and an eraser!
  • Remember to put your name on your paper since I will be collecting them at the end of the period.
  • Tell them that while they are working on their brainstorming, I will be pulling them aside to take a picture for the best part of them.
  • Set the timer for 15 minutes (or whatever time is left in the period)
  • Take pictures of each student with what the best part of themselves is.

Closure (5 min)

  • On an outline of a human body, students will take a sticky note with their favorite parts of themselves and stick it to the outline. (Formative assessment).

This shows the students that we are all different and that makes us unique!

It feeds into the main topic of the unit- We are all unique!