The Scoop on the Ketogenic Diet

This semester for my learning project, I focussed on the Ketogenic diet.

Heres what I’ve been up to throughout the semester:

Week One: Becoming  A Ketogenic Genius 

This post I introduced my learning project and the plan I had in mind for it. I talked about the online guides I would be referencing throughout.

Week Two: Disclaimer: I Bought A LOT of Avocados to Make this Post 

This was honestly one of my favorite posts- probably because it meant I had to make some delicious food. In this post, I made chia seed pudding and avocado brownies. I had a fair amount of recipe flops throughout the semester so my successful recipes in this post reminded me that I am NOT a failure!! The avocado brownies were probably the best thing I have ever baked in my entire life. If I were you I would definitely check out this post and try them out!

Week Three: Keto Grilled Cheese? Yes Please.

If you ever wondered if you could make low carb bread in the microwave in a mug- the answer is YES! Made out of almond and coconut flour, this bread gave me just what I needed when I was having carb withdrawals.

Week Four: Gram, gram, gram.

For this post, I was trying to weigh and track everything I ate.
I’ll be honest- this did not last for as long as it should of. I was definitely a lazy keto-er and weighing everything before I ate it added way too much time before the food was in my stomach. Weighing my food for this time showed me how effective it is to weigh food though- ugh, why am I a quitter??

-downsized_large (1).gif


Week Five: Why is there a while head of lettuce on my plate?

This post was all about my keto-vacay! I went to the mountains and tried to eat keto the whole time. I highlighted my experience with a fancy caesar salad which still confuses me to this day.

Week Six: Keto Tortilla’s- Low Carb and Low in Flavour.

RECIPE FLOP. I was so excited to try out these low carb tortillas for tacos… probably could have wrapped my tacos in cardboard and it would have had the same effect.
I challenge all of you to try them out and figure out what I did wrong!

help me cat GIF-downsized_large.gif


Week Seven: Zoodles ARE the new Noodles.

My forever loves- zoodles. SO GOOOOOOD. Keto friendly and delicious- yes, please!
I found the perfect way to cook them! Check out my post to find out the secret.

Week Eight: Insta- Famous Jealousy.

In this post I highlighted all of my favorite Instagram accounts for Keto- inspo!
I aspire to be all of them- definitely jealous!! So much motivation!

Week Nine: I’ll be Up in the Gym Just Working on my Fitness 

I ventured down to the local Planet Fitness and got a membership. Before I got my membership, I did research on which gym would be best for me and why! I have tried out quite a few gyms and none of them made me feel comfortable- until Planet Fitness! Check out my post to find out more about the memberships and the gym!

Week Ten: I’m an Instant Pot Believer because of Bieber!

I GOT AN INSTANT POT!!!! I obviously had to make a Pinterest page with all the recipes I can’t wait to try. I also made chicken and it was juicy, flavourful, and delicious. Check out the post to see what I think of my new Instant Pot and find the link to my Pinterest!

The Final Verdict: 

I loved my time doing the ketogenic diet. It is an amazing diet that has been proven to work. There are thousands of AMAZING transformations that can’t help but make you want to try the diet. I did the keto-diet for a majority of the learning project.  I loved it for most of the time before I hated it. Okay- maybe hate is a strong word but I love fruit and fresh food. For those of you that don’t know, most fruits other than berries are very high in carbs. The hardest part about sticking to the ketogenic diet was not being able to have apples, bananas, watermelon AND ANY OTHER FRUIT OTHER THAN BERRIES.
No word of a lie, I cried when I ate a banana after being on the keto diet for a few months… Literally cried of joy.

sad leonardo dicaprio GIF-downsized_large.gif


If you are someone that does not like fruit, the keto diet would be PERFECT for you. If you don’t like fruit and like to eat meat and cheese (Like a nuts amount of meat and cheese) the keto- diet would be PERFECT for you!

Although I did not stick to the ketogenic diet for ALL of the learning project, I learned more than I could have ever asked for.
10 Things I Learned from my Learning Project

  1. I love fruit and fresh food way more than I ever thought.
  2. Smoothies in the morning are my kryptonite- also not very possible on keto.
  3.  The keto diet involves a lot of cheese and meat.
  4. Salads are a staple item in keto- diets!
  5. Recipes for things that are “low carb” that are not usually “low carb” are not as good as they sound about 85% of the time.
  6. Exercise is a crucial part of success with ANY diet or lifestyle.
  7. Research is important before beginning a new way of eating. Starting a diet without research is asking for difficulties.
  8. Pinterest is your BFF when looking for recipes so you don’t get bored. Just make sure to read the comments first to make sure those that have tried the recipes like it!
  9. Find Instagram accounts of people who are on the same journey as you to hold you up from afar and keep you motivated throughout your journey! Personally, people who are successful and honest with what they are doing keeps me motivated to stick to what I am doing!
  10. It is OKAY to take a break from something if it is not working for you! When I started to miss fruit, I struggled for weeks before I admitted to myself that I wanted to be done with keto. It wasn’t for the junk food, it was for the fruit and clean foods that I SO missed when I was on the ketogenic diet. There are THOUSANDS of diets and lifestyles out there- each one promising a different thing with a different plan! 
  11. An extra one because I could not post this and not say it- pick a way of eating a living that will serve as a lifestyle change and not just a “diet”. Before starting a new plan, think to yourself, “could I eat this way for the rest of my life?” That is something I wish I would have thought about before beginning the ketogenic diet because what I did not know when beginning is that after stopping the diet and returning back to a healthy way of eating, most people gain the weight they lost on the ketogenic diet back.

I encourage all U of R education students to check out EDTC 300 if given the opportunity. The learning project was an awesome way to get online, and filled my mind with so many great ideas for my future classroom!

If you have any questions or comments about my learning project, comment below or tweet me @juliapapic on Twitter!

-Julia 🙂


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