Trying Out Screencastify

Confession: When this blog post was introduced, I knew right away that I wanted to look into Screencastify because I have a few final projects coming up that I knew would benefit from my knowledge of it!



As for downloading, it was super easy to get! I Googled it on chrome, pressed the “add extension” button, selected by Gmail account and I was ready to go!

I decided to make a Screencastify of my blog, showing some of my posts and some of the features of Screencastify!

My favourite features:

  • Focus mouse- darkens the rest of the screen and focusses on the area that your mouse is on. Could be used in videos when giving directions and instructions, showing how to access something, etc!
  • The pen with different colors- circle, draw, outline things in the video. So many uses!!
  • Microphone- talk and explain while sharing your screen.
  • Webcam- Embed your webcam and beautiful face in the presentation while you are giving directions or instructing through Screencastify.

Please enjoy this super cool (and not at all boring) video of my super cool blog posts.

I can think of SO many ways you could use this in all different grades! Younger kids: showing them how to access things on the iPad or computers while getting them to follow along (SeeSaw, Mathletics, etc).

The nice thing about Screencastify is that you can show students step by step instructions while being able to walk around the classroom and help at the same time- almost like being in 2 places at once!

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3 thoughts on “Trying Out Screencastify

  1. Thanks for your post Julia! I loooved that you made a section outlining your favorite features. It made it so easy to see what the best parts are. I love when people use the webcam for their Screencastify videos because it helps to make it more personal. 🙂 I totally agree – Screencastify would be so perfect for having tutorials for students for different websites. In Danna’s post she also talks about how it would be useful to demo things for parents which I thought was cool! Great ideas Julia 🙂


  2. Wow, I have been reading ever post I find on Screencastify, since I have used it for at least one (this class’s) learning project. I obviously lacked some ambition to explore, because literally all I did was hit record and videoed. I didn’t put myself on the screen, I didn’t explore or see the pens, and I didn’t realize that you could focus on the mouse. This is all great information for me to know and to maybe go back and explore the app some more because obviously I failed.


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