I’ll Be Up in the Gym Just Working on my Fitness

This week I was super lazy in the kitchen! My fridge contents currently: Diet pepsi, cheese, mayo, and 1 million other sauces and condiments (I have an obsession with sauces).


There was nothing post worthy food wise, but I do have some exciting news to share on another subject!

I recently gained the confidence to go and sign up for a gym membership! I have always been an active person but the last year or so I fell off the fitness wagon, which was really hard for me to admit to myself honestly! I knew I needed to add some exercise into my routine but I wasn’t sure where to turn.

In the past, I have had a membership at California Fitness (now closed), GoodLife Fitness, and I also went to the U of R fitness center! Although I loved working out, I never felt like I belonged in those gyms so I needed to make sure that this time when I went back to the gym I was confident about my decision and knew it was the right gym for me- especially when I was just getting back into the groove.

Before this learning project, I probably would have just gone out and got a membership at the place nearest my house- but not this time!

I turned to the internet to look at prices, reviews, etc.

I Googled “Gyms in Regina” and got a plethora of options, to say the least…

Since Planet Fitness was the first one that popped up, I decided to look further into it first and it ended up being the only one I looked at because I was sold!

Here is what I discovered about planet fitness:

Their memberships:

Their location and hours:


After doing my research on Planet Fitness, I decided that the price, perks, hours, and reviews couldn’t be beat so I decided to head down to the Regina location and sign up for a membership! I decided to go with the $21.99/ Month membership because of all the awesome perks that come with it such as the massage chairs, hydro bed massages, and red light therapy!

I was really excited when the staff member told me that if I said I was referred by a friend we both got a free month, and being a poor student, the rule is to never say no to free things!!!


My first workout at Planet Fitness I did the 30 Minute workout and thought it was SO cool! There is a stoplight that tells you when to start and when to stop and rotate through the stations at 1 minute intervals. 1 minute doing step ups (cardio) and 1 minute doing the different weight machines (strength training). I really like it because you can get a full body workout in 30 minutes. It is awesome for people that are in a rush and need to get a quick workout in!

The gym has so many cardio machines which is great so you don’t find yourself unable to do the workout that you were planning!

(photo: Planet Fitness)

There is also a decent sized weight training area with free weights and assisted racks, as well as another HUGE area with strength machines.

Planet Fitness has a general belief throughout all their centers and that is “Judgement Free Zone”. They have that posted around the gym along with other motivational signs such as “No Critics”. These signs and beliefs have the power to help people feel comfortable, and it definitely helped me to settle into the gym.

I have been doing the 30 Minute Workout’s this week, and will be starting a personalized gym program next week targeting different areas of my body each workout.

I am so looking forward to seeing myself progress and getting back into shape.

I am heading to get groceries so my fridge has more than cheese and sauces.

Meal prepping will be the topic of next weeks blog post! 1 week of low carb breakfasts and lunches in 1 prep session! If you have any suggestions for recipes I should make, tweet me @juliapapic !

See y’all next week!


2 thoughts on “I’ll Be Up in the Gym Just Working on my Fitness

  1. I’ve never been to Planet Fitness, but I go to Evolution (and Gold’s before Evolution took it over)! It sounds pretty similar to PF, but something that I especially like about E is that every time you go to the gym and “check in” you get points you can redeem for tanning, hydro, or even personal training sessions. I hope you keep on at the gym, meeting fitness goals feels so great!!


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