Insta- Famous Jealousy

This week, I wanted to talk about some Instagram accounts that I LOVE!

When I started on my ketogenic journey, one of the first things I did was find some Instagram pages to follow for some support, motivation, recipes, tips, and grocery ideas!

I have a secret obsession (don’t judge me) : one of my favorite things to do is watch YouTube videos of Keto Costco Hauls when I am making grocery lists for myself. I like to find new and exciting foods and snacks! My favorite keto Instagrammer @ketoincanada posts Costco grocery hauls often! You can check out one of her keto grocery hauls here!

Here are some of my favorite accounts:

First and foremost, my fav, @ketoincanada! She is CANADIAN, which is super awesome because she has access to the same grocery stores as I do, which makes it easy to recreate any of the recipes she makes or find the items that she buys and reviews on her page! She posts a lot of recipes, product reviews, and workouts. She also has a cute dog and cat which put her at the top of my list, because who doesn’t love animals?

@keto.shrinkingjenna_ posts super hilarious and honest stories about her journey, and is really relatable! She posts a lot of workout posts, supplement reviews, and food posts. She also fights diet coke haters and that puts her close to my heart. Diet coke is life, to be honest.


@my_keto_diary is all food and food-related products! I have got some recipe inspiration from this account on multiple occasions!

@ketofridge is a little bit different because it is a company and not a personal account.  But, I included it because one day when I am not a poor student I am looking forward to ordering food from them because everything looks DELICIOUS. It would be great for people who don’t like cooking or are too busy to cook and want to make sure that their meals are keto-friendly!

One thing I wanted to point out is that these accounts are great for everyone to follow for some fitness/healthy eating inspiration! Yes, they are all keto, but they are also all seriously committed and honest about their journeys! It is real people sharing their real-life experiences. I don’t know about anything else,  but seeing other people succeed and stick to their journey’s to be healthier really helps me and inspires me to stay on the wagon and keep working towards my goals!

I would encourage everyone to find some accounts to follow that match your journeys, whatever they are! Building a support circle for any aspect of your life can be made easy online and can be super beneficial! Technology and social media give us the opportunity to connect with people that never would have been possible before.

Check out the accounts and toss them a follow! They are super entertaining and funny- I spend more time than I would like to admit looking through all of their posts and Instagram stories!



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