Zoodles ARE the New Noodles

When trolling the internet, specifically Pinterest, for Ketogenic recipes (follow my Pinterest here, cough cough). I constantly see recipes for ZOOOODLES!

Full disclosure, I bought a spiralizer a few months ago and have been searching for bomb recipes to be able to use it, but have been experimenting with different ways to cook zoodles, and different recipes to try with them. For those of you that don’t know, zoodles are just spiralized zucchini’s that are often compared to noodles- but carb free!

So, I have tried zoodles a few different ways including boiled, sauteed, and made in Laura Bieber’s INSTANT POT!
When I boiled them they were too mushy, when I sauteed them they were too crunchy- so this week I asked myself, why not do both?

First things first, I bought my spiralizer from Winners! It was around $20 and is an investment I’ll never regret. I make my own Zoodles with my spiralizer but you can also buy them already spiralized at Costco and Sobeys! They are a little bit more pricey when you buy them pre-spiralized, but they allow you to skip a step of making them. If you’re more interested in convenience than price, they are definitely something to check out!

I spiralized three zucchinis, and I had A LOT of leftovers. One little zucchini goes a long way- but, they do shrink a lot when you cook them!

The spiralizing- cut off both ends of the zucchini and pop it into the spiralizer!

This is what 3 zucchini’s spiralized looks like.

Next, cooking!

First, I put 2 cups of water and a pinch of salt in the bottom of a large frying pan. I boiled the water, added the zuchinni noodles, and cooked for 2 MINUTES! This is important! DO NOT over boil them or they will be mush!

Next, I dumped out the water, added about a teaspoon of oil, garlic (fresh or powder), seasoning salt, pepper, and onion powder. and sauteed for 2 MINUTES! (ALSO important unless you want burnt zoodles).

I added some ground beef and voila! The finished product! They weren’t mushy or crunchy, and tasted great! Zucchini’s are awesome to spiralize and make into noodles because they take on whatever flavor you want them to!



That’s all for next week, folks!



8 thoughts on “Zoodles ARE the New Noodles

  1. Haha the shameless plug-in though!
    Could you compare regular noodles and zoodles? For example, tastes comparisons and nutrition comparisons! No carbs is definitely a pleasing pro for zoodles, but I’m hoping you can tell me more! Look forward to hearing from you!

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    • Thanks so much for the questions, Daniel!
      So as for taste comparisons, it all depends what you cook them with! Zucchini is versatile because it takes on the taste of whatever you cook it with. Zoodles don’t have the starchy texture of noodles if that makes any sense!
      As for nutrition comparison, zoodles have about 75 calories for a heaping cup and for a leveled cup of pasta (spaghetti or linguini) it is about 250 calories.
      Hope that helps!


  2. I am currently eating pasta while reading about zoodles! Hahaha. I have seen some posts about parents tricking their kids into eating vegetables by using zoodles because they are so versatile like you mentioned!

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  3. I do love my Instant Pot zoodles! 🙂 I personally take the easier approach-some may call the lazy approach haha! I buy them already spiralized from Costco-just as you had mentioned. I actually have an Instant Pot zoodles blog post in the works for next week. Stay tuned for that!


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