Education Student Turned Sleuthing Spy

This week, I picked a target to cyber sleuth. Ms. Laura Bieber became the topic of my sleuthing as I immediately turned to Google to start off my hunt.

I had already been warned by Laura to watch out for “Bieber wanna-be’s”. When I typed her name into google, this is what it looked like.

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 7.10.14 PM.png

So, the only result that came up that is the right Laura Bieber is her Twitter! So, there are A LOT of Laura Bieber’s, to say the least. But, even Laura’s Twitter bio that appears right on Google shares a lot about Laura and show’s a lot of professionalism.

Social media was a little bit different because I have known Laura for almost a year so we are friends on all social media!

giphy (9).gif


But, I do remember when we first met and were making our way through becoming friends on multiple social media platforms, she had high-security settings on her Facebook and Instagram! This is CRUCIAL when you are a teacher because kids LOVE to find their teachers or authority figures on social media. I discovered this really early on working with children- they think it is SO fun to find people on Facebook.

The one thing that came to mind when I was sleuthing Laura was that when you have a common name, (thanks, Justin, hey Laura?) you have to work even harder to build an online existence. especially a positive one. A positive online existence is especially difficult when you get buried under millions of other people with the same name, or an unhealthy obsession with Justin Bieber that causes them to change their last names on social media.

giphy (8).gif

Via Giphy

I loved sleuthing you, but unfortunately for me, fortunately for you, I did not find any juicy details… this time!

Thanks for letting me creep you on social media!

Keep building your online presence!


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