CAUTION: FREE Digital Citizenship Resources Inside

For the purposes of this blog, I will be diving into the world of digital citizenship and how it relates to the little people with little feet that come through the doors of my classroom.

You may be thinking, how are students from prekindergarten to grade 5 going to be digital citizens?

Let this sink it: most children have a digital presence before they are even born.

That is why it is important for tiny humans with little feet to learn how to be responsible digital citizens and use those little feet to create a positive digital footprint. They have to move into a world that is already created for them.

A lot of parents upload prenatal ultrasounds and pictures from mere seconds after their children are born to social media. The second a photo of a child is online, they are beginning to build their online presence.

Being a teacher in a classroom that is in a world that revolves around the internet, I am responsible to teach students how to be a responsible digital citizen before it is too late. The internet is not a forgiving place, “once something is on the internet, it is there forever” is something we hear all too often.

So, I am rambling on about being a digital citizen, and you may be wondering what it means to be a digital citizen.

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 7.53.51 PM.png

I found this on a Prezi when I was looking for helpful definitions of a good digital citizen, and I thought this summed it up perfectly.

So, in classrooms today, we need to help students to be good digital citizens and show them how to demonstrate and practice safe, responsible, and legal use of technology. Having access to the internet is something that comes with so many rights and responsibilities.


Look no further, I found some AMAZING resources on how to teach students of all ages to become responsible digital citizens! (Side note- they’re all  free!!)

Here is a page of FREE online graphics to display how to be a good digital citizen. This resource is great for all ages but especially amazing for young students who might think that digital citizenship might be a not so fun subject!

This is a list of 30+ books about technology and being a digital citizen for kids! Yay for mixing literature and technology! Just a tip: to buy books in hardcopy is not free but there are amazing free websites that upload online read-aloud books! Websites such as TumbleBooks   which a lot of schools and public libraries have subscriptions too. YouTube is also a great resource to find books online!

The Techie Teacher is AMAZING for putting together this list of 5 super amazing techie activities for teaching digital citizenship.

I put together a Pinterest board with these resources and more. One of the things I found out from diving into Pinterest about teaching digital citizenship was that it can be taught through SO MANY other subjects. As we all know, the word cross-curricular is like music to any teacher’s ears. Go check out my digital citizenship board here, and follow my Pinterest! I pin a lot of awesome teacher stuff that I (hope) will try one day!

Let me know if there is anything else you want to know about digital citizenship, or if reading my post brought up any thoughts- drop them below!


Julia 🙂


2 thoughts on “CAUTION: FREE Digital Citizenship Resources Inside

  1. Oh girl! You know I am all about those free resources. I have never thought about it before but you are for sure right about unborn children already having a digital identity, with moms posting ultra sounds and asking for name suggestions. Just confirms the importance of teaching #digitalidentify


  2. Julia I love this post. I love how you used seriousness with just a little bit of humour in it. It constantly brought a smile to my face. I find your insight on digital citizenship inspiring, we must be aware the no one in free from having a digital footprint, but we must help to protect our students as much as we can by showing them how to be good digital citizens and protecting themselves. Awesome post.


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