Your phone can do what?

“Every 6 months there’s a new tool out there that connects us in a new way”.  While watching the Wesch video, that is one of the things he said that really stuck out to me. Our world changes so fast and the biggest reason for that is technology. New technology that is the “fastest and greatest” is released and in a very short time it is not considered the newest and best anymore simply because our world and the “needs” of our world changes so incredibly fast.

To put it into perspective, I got my computer about a year and a half ago, it’s a MacBook Air, that’s what I knew. I was in Best Buy one day browsing and I was looking at the computer’s there. One of the sales people came up and struck a conversation with me and asked what computer I was currently using. “Oh I have a MacBook Air” and he then said “Oh what version” and I was like:


I had NO idea that there were different types of MacBook Air’s, absolutely NO clue. After telling him that I got my computer almost 2 years ago, he went on to tell me how much they have changed in even a short time, and that I should definitely be sure to keep up with the software updates. In less than two years, my computer that I bought brand new was now considered old news. That is how fast technology changes and how it contributes to our ever changing world.

When I think about my future classroom, I think about internship and try to imagine how the teachers who had been teaching for thirty years evolved (or tried to) with the changing and inclusion of technology into schools. Going from teaching in a time when there was minimal technology, to a time when  a lot of schools make sure every student has an iPad or a computer at their disposal, one word that I think of is current. How important it is to stay current with the ever changing world and technology or it will leave you behind. I’ve seen this with my grandparents just as I’m sure lots of people have seen it with their parents, grandparents, etc. My grandpa still calls every cellphone a blueberry (???) After I had a BlackBerry about eight years ago. As a teacher,  the students in my classroom will almost always have the newest technology and gadgets, so it is so crucial to try to stay connected with the “new world” per say.

I think that the ability to harness technology is something that is often taken for granted. For schools in general, it means giving students the power to use technology while giving them the tools they need to use it responsibly. In order to capture the spirit of open, networked, and participatory communities in our learning environments, I think it is important to create a healthy mixture of on and offline participation in the learning environment. Teaching students to be a digital citizen while still teaching them to be a “world” citizen. Children now are sometimes missing the capability to have real life connections where there is not a computer or phone between them. Knowledge is power, and knowledge about technology usage and online participation is a tool that will never expire- and empower students to be responsible when online and when they have one of the most powerful tools in the palm of their hand.

BRB, going to make sure I know about the newest tech trends. Wait, is “BRB” even a thing anymore?



2 thoughts on “Your phone can do what?

  1. Technology is extremely scary. I too had only received a laptop a few years ago as I am much of a paper and pen type of gal. When we were talking about what browser we have in our EDTC class and Katia mentioned that Internet Explorer is the slowest and if you have it, it needs to be updated. I too was just like the gif you posted lol! I have Internet Explorer and did not know it was not the best browser, but its the worst! The things you learn. I entered this class as a means to find resources to keep updated with technology so I can feel like an expert within my class for students. Our world is constantly changing and as teachers we need to be flexible in educating ourselves to best serve our students. Todays generation thrives in technology and social media platforms. It is important that we not only showcase why it is important, but the safety measures in using these platforms. To set students up for success, prior knowledge must be activated, and building towards the consistent change within our world has to be met.


  2. yes indeed technology has changed in the past 30 years, and I’m sure it was a hard change for the majority of teachers. having to switch there ways, learn how to use this new technology, and even accept the fact that technology is part of our everyday lives could be a harsh reality for someone who hadn’t grown up with such advances in technology. you can then question if you will be in the same situation in 30 years? what if technology has just begun to sprout and it explodes to even higher proportions, or vise verse “what if the technology becomes extinct”.

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