Why is there a whole head of lettuce on my plate?

So this week, when I should have been reading during reading week, I went on a road trip with a few of my favourite people to the mountains!

I told myself before I left that I didn’t want to have unreasonable expectations for myself when it came to eating on the trip. Obviously, I was going to treat myself a little bit being away and wanting to try some of the different and exciting foods other cities have to offer. That being said, I promised myself I would eat better than I usually do on vacations since I have spent the last while being devoted to the ketogenic lifestyle.

Accurate representation of how I usually am on trips:


This trip, I did things a little bit differently. I definitely still ate a BeaverTail in Banff , but I also ate a LOT of caesar salads and ate healthier than I usually do when I am away. I tried to keep mostly everything keto friendly while keeping in mind that I was sharing groceries with 3 people who did not eat keto.  Now, I could have come on here and posted a photo of every caesar salad I ate, but instead, I have one  a little bit of a review for you.

I got a caesar salad for a starter at the Sky Bistro in Banff. Now, I am more of a Boston Pizza girl than a “There’s a separate menu for the expensive wines” kind of girl, but when in Banff, of course I wanted to eat at a restaurant ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN! SO, this restaurant was fancy, like cloth napkin fancy, and this is the description for the caesar salad I ordered to start: 

Judging by the fact there are a few words in there I did not understand and some things I have never heard of in a caesar salad, I wasn’t sure what to expect. So, the salad arrives and it was literally just whole lettuce leaves on my plate with all of the other ingredients whole too! Apparently fancy restaurants mean you cut your own salad- or so I’ve been told. So, the caesar salad was good but definitely not like “wow this is the best salad I’ve ever had” amazing. A lot of that could be because it took me 45 minutes to eat it because I did not know how to go about eating it so I had to cut it and mix it first.

When I started writing this post and realized that I forgot to take a picture of the salad, I turned to google to find one. I searched “Sky Bistro caeser salad” and this was the first post that came up:

I guess I should have looked into the reviews more before I went?


My learning project this week was less what I ate when I was away and more learning that it is okay to sit back and enjoy yourself when you are away- even when you are on a diet! 80% sticking to it and 20% treat yo self is still better than 100% treat yo self.

All in all, I’d say that I had a super successful trip and my meal at the Sky Bistro was one of the highlights even if I did have to cut my own salad hehe.

On a serious plus side, I was able to keep down my lettuce leaves on the Gondola ride down when my boyfriend kept rocking it purposely which was super not cool with me because it was a looooong way down.

If anyone has any questions, would like any advice on eating out when you’re on a diet, just want to know about eating better from restaurants, or have any thoughts on my journey,  feel free to comment below or tweet me @missjuliapapic  

I would LOVE to answer any questions anyone has about the ketogenic lifestyle or lifestyle changes in general.  Also looking for recommendations for my next post!

See you next week!

-Julia 🙂


4 thoughts on “Why is there a whole head of lettuce on my plate?

  1. Good job eating well while on a trip! It’s so easy to want to just throw in the towel and abandon the changes we’re making when faced with challenges! I love the 20/80 idea of eating well. I think it sets us up for success when we make those attainable goals with a little wiggle room for the curve balls life inevitably throws our way. Process, not perfection, right?!? Good on you!


  2. I am curious to see what the salad looked like. Right now I’m imagine just a whole lettuce with the other ingredients sprinkled on top. I tried googling it but a variety of pictures popped up. If you can find a picture of what you had please post it! I wish to see this fancy salad!


  3. Have you ever ate at The Nest here in Regina? They do that too, my grandma rolled off her rocker when she ordered a caesar salad and it was just a whole head of romaine lettuce with parmesan sprinkles on top hahaha


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