Gram, gram, gram.

Personal Update: Cheat days are a debatable thing in the keto community. But, after much contemplation, I decided to take a cheat day this Saturday, and I will say it was GREAT. Here is why I liked having a cheat day: It gave me something to look forward to and stopped me from cheating on keto many times before. Thinking about and planning my cheat day was motivation to work my tushie off. That being said, I definitely wouldn’t recommend having a cheat day very often because it does take your body a few days to get back into ketosis, but, I plan on having one every 5-6 weeks which I think is totally doable. I ate ice cream and fries and loved every minute of it and felt no guilt about it! I am back on track after not very much difficulty and am still loving the keto lifestyle.

So last week I said that I was making it a goal to weigh all my food. My biggest struggle was weighing my salads because I generally just throw it all together. Here is why I decided I needed to weigh out all of my foods:

Photo retrieved from here.

I saw this photo a couple weeks ago online, and it got me thinking how many extra calories I eat because I eyeball my food and dressing instead of weighing or measuring.

So, my 4 minute salad I talked about in previous posts did turn into a 10 minute or so salad because I weighed everything. Here was my process!

Zeroing out your scale is so important and makes weighing and tracking food so much easier and a lot less messy!! Weigh everything as you go right in your bowl or on your dinner plate.

My finished product might look the same as the salad in my previous post but the quantity is a lot less! My final verdict is that eyeballing and weighing food really does make a huge difference! Continuing on with keto, I am going to make my best effort to weigh and track foods and avoiding those “hidden” calories!

This week, I am heading to the MOUNTAINS! Hey, its not sunny and tropical but its not Regina and I am SO excited for a get away! But, going away means a lot of eating out and temptation. I am going to try my best to stick to my keto diet during my time away which brings me to next weeks blog post: Eating Out on Keto!

Since I can’t end a post without a gif:



I hope everyone has a relaxing and rejuvinating February break 🙂

See you next week!



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