Twitter Chat Newbie

On Tuesday night at 6pm, I participated in #edchat on Twitter. I have seen twitter chats before, and the format I have seen has always been multiple questions asked to which people tweet the answers with the hashtag associated with the Twitter chat. So, I had my TweetDeck ready to go, and right at 6, the tweets started coming in. This was the first question asked:

“How can we go from teacher based teaching to student based learning?”

So I tweeted, hashtagged and scrolled through and replied to some tweets that were being added to the hashtag while I waited for the next question… But, there was no next question. The way the #edchat runs, is the facilitator introduces a topic/question and the Twitter chat is just introducing your ideas and replying and sharing others ideas.

For the first 10 minutes this was me:


But, have no fear, this was me after I realized it was one topic instead of a group of questions:


I think one of the most obvious benefits of Twitter chats is the connections you make with fellow educators. Just from being online for an hour, I connected with so many people by retweeting, commenting, following and being followed back. I connected with people from all over the world and heard different opinions from varying viewpoints- definitely a beneficial event that gave me several things to wonder about.

I am looking forward to joining another Twitter chat, next time I want to try #saskedchat. I have heard lots about it but have not been able to tune in yet- but I plan to very soon!

Keep on tweeting, it really does have the power to spark crucial conversations.



One thought on “Twitter Chat Newbie

  1. the edchat concept is a great idea and I have used it before and you are right with how it connects you with so many people. its an excellent idea and is a great way for new ideas as a new teacher and for me it’s been such a long time since I participated in one. I hope the saskedchat works wonders for you and maybe i will also join in.

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