Feelin’ Out Feedly

Lets just start this post off by saying the internet never ceases to  amaze me. Upon creating a Feedly I was a little bit skeptical, but after starting off slow I couldn’t believe what one search of “edtech” could get me. I created an “Edtech” feed and started saving anything that interested me with plans of reading everything I can when I miraculously found the time to read all of them. I found articles, resources, and more! I am definitely excited to explore Feedly more as this course goes on. There are countless ways that Feedly could be used in classrooms as well, such as searching for resources, finding articles for students, or searching for interests with students!

This is what my Feedly looks like at the moment:

I am looking forward to keep adding to my Feedly and seeing what all it has to offer!

I found this  post on Feedly. It is called “Freetech4teachers”. Their page has often missed free features useful to classrooms on commonly and uncommonly used online resources such as Google Classroom.  This is useful to teachers who are just getting into the technology world. Its nice to find somewhere that focusses on incorporating technology without spending a lot of money!

Another resource I found when searching “Edtech” that I added to my feed is this. It is different posts and uploads about Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.  Its topics range anywhere from free iPad apps to how to create educational posters to use in class.

There are LOADS of resources out there for teachers if you just know the right way to find them. Feedly is definitely a good way to decipher these resources and weed through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I would highly recommend checking it out!




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