Gram, gram, gram.

Personal Update: Cheat days are a debatable thing in the keto community. But, after much contemplation, I decided to take a cheat day this Saturday, and I will say it was GREAT. Here is why I liked having a cheat day: It gave me something to look forward to and stopped me from cheating on keto many times before. Thinking about and planning my cheat day was motivation to work my tushie off. That being said, I definitely wouldn’t recommend having a cheat day very often because it does take your body a few days to get back into ketosis, but, I plan on having one every 5-6 weeks which I think is totally doable. I ate ice cream and fries and loved every minute of it and felt no guilt about it! I am back on track after not very much difficulty and am still loving the keto lifestyle.

So last week I said that I was making it a goal to weigh all my food. My biggest struggle was weighing my salads because I generally just throw it all together. Here is why I decided I needed to weigh out all of my foods:

Photo retrieved from here.

I saw this photo a couple weeks ago online, and it got me thinking how many extra calories I eat because I eyeball my food and dressing instead of weighing or measuring.

So, my 4 minute salad I talked about in previous posts did turn into a 10 minute or so salad because I weighed everything. Here was my process!

Zeroing out your scale is so important and makes weighing and tracking food so much easier and a lot less messy!! Weigh everything as you go right in your bowl or on your dinner plate.

My finished product might look the same as the salad in my previous post but the quantity is a lot less! My final verdict is that eyeballing and weighing food really does make a huge difference! Continuing on with keto, I am going to make my best effort to weigh and track foods and avoiding those “hidden” calories!

This week, I am heading to the MOUNTAINS! Hey, its not sunny and tropical but its not Regina and I am SO excited for a get away! But, going away means a lot of eating out and temptation. I am going to try my best to stick to my keto diet during my time away which brings me to next weeks blog post: Eating Out on Keto!

Since I can’t end a post without a gif:



I hope everyone has a relaxing and rejuvinating February break 🙂

See you next week!



Twitter Chat Newbie

On Tuesday night at 6pm, I participated in #edchat on Twitter. I have seen twitter chats before, and the format I have seen has always been multiple questions asked to which people tweet the answers with the hashtag associated with the Twitter chat. So, I had my TweetDeck ready to go, and right at 6, the tweets started coming in. This was the first question asked:

“How can we go from teacher based teaching to student based learning?”

So I tweeted, hashtagged and scrolled through and replied to some tweets that were being added to the hashtag while I waited for the next question… But, there was no next question. The way the #edchat runs, is the facilitator introduces a topic/question and the Twitter chat is just introducing your ideas and replying and sharing others ideas.

For the first 10 minutes this was me:


But, have no fear, this was me after I realized it was one topic instead of a group of questions:


I think one of the most obvious benefits of Twitter chats is the connections you make with fellow educators. Just from being online for an hour, I connected with so many people by retweeting, commenting, following and being followed back. I connected with people from all over the world and heard different opinions from varying viewpoints- definitely a beneficial event that gave me several things to wonder about.

I am looking forward to joining another Twitter chat, next time I want to try #saskedchat. I have heard lots about it but have not been able to tune in yet- but I plan to very soon!

Keep on tweeting, it really does have the power to spark crucial conversations.


Keto Grilled Cheese? Yes Please.

Personal update: My weight loss has stalled and I am actually starting to get super frustrated after a couple weeks of dropping really quickly and now I am just stalled. I almost let myself have a cheat day this weekend out of frustration but I held my ground and decided that this next week I will be making some changes to start seeing progress again.

This week my goal was to find a replacement for bread because I have been missing bread lately. I found this recipe for 90 second keto microwave bread. It was super simple to make. It took me about 5 minutes in total- a few minutes to toss the ingredients together and a few to cook it. Since I didn’t have a 4×4 microwavable container I just used a mug and it worked very well!

First, all I did was dump the ingredients as listed on the recipe into the mug and whisk it together.

This is what it looked like after I microwaved it. I was a little nervous about the texture so I decided to toast it and turn it into a grilled cheese.

I cut it in half, added cheese, and put some butter on the bottom of a pan.

The bread was getting really toasty but the cheese wasn’t melting because the bread was too think so I covered it with a plate to make the cheese melt faster.

The finished product! I eat a lot of egg salad just on its own without the bread because it is made from all keto friendly foods! I will definitely be making this 90 second bread again, but I plan on slicing it thinner and using it for 2 servings! Maybe I will make an egg salad sandwich next time.

KETO FAIL #1- I also made this “Egg Roll in a Bowl” recipe that is otherwise known as “Crackslaw” that everyone in the keto community RAVES about. Long story short, I think I did something terribly wrong because it did not taste at all like an egg roll and tasted more like plain taco beef with cabbage in a bowl.  No pictures because I’m an airhead and was more focused on getting the food to my stomach than the pictures to my phone. I challenge someone to try this recipe and let me know how it works so I know if it was just me who royally messed this up. #SOS.


My goal for next week is to start weighing all of my food and recording it to the exact gram to see if that affects the scale at all. I also have to remind myself that the number on the scale is not the only factor. Its also about how you feel, how your clothes fit, and so much more! I am also terribly and awfully out of shape so I am going to start tossing in some at home workouts because exercise honestly heals my soul, so it is time to get my sweat on. Trying to stay positive on this journey and I will say that it makes it easier to be held accountable by this blog! Maybe the #learningproject might be the key to my success.

See y’all next week!!


Feelin’ Out Feedly

Lets just start this post off by saying the internet never ceases to  amaze me. Upon creating a Feedly I was a little bit skeptical, but after starting off slow I couldn’t believe what one search of “edtech” could get me. I created an “Edtech” feed and started saving anything that interested me with plans of reading everything I can when I miraculously found the time to read all of them. I found articles, resources, and more! I am definitely excited to explore Feedly more as this course goes on. There are countless ways that Feedly could be used in classrooms as well, such as searching for resources, finding articles for students, or searching for interests with students!

This is what my Feedly looks like at the moment:

I am looking forward to keep adding to my Feedly and seeing what all it has to offer!

I found this  post on Feedly. It is called “Freetech4teachers”. Their page has often missed free features useful to classrooms on commonly and uncommonly used online resources such as Google Classroom.  This is useful to teachers who are just getting into the technology world. Its nice to find somewhere that focusses on incorporating technology without spending a lot of money!

Another resource I found when searching “Edtech” that I added to my feed is this. It is different posts and uploads about Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.  Its topics range anywhere from free iPad apps to how to create educational posters to use in class.

There are LOADS of resources out there for teachers if you just know the right way to find them. Feedly is definitely a good way to decipher these resources and weed through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I would highly recommend checking it out!